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Festive Turkish Cooking with Ozlem

Festive Turkish Cooking with Ozlem

Course times: 11am-4pm, 05/12/2021

Join Ozlem, author of Ozlem’s Turkish Table cookery book, as she will take you on a culinary journey to Turkey and show you how to make these delicious, authentic dishes from her homeland, Turkey. Turkish cusine is a feast to all senses, healthy, packed with flavour and once you give a go, easy to make. You will be making these wonderful popular dishes, made in Turkish homes with Ozlem:

Walnut and red pepper paste dip - Muhammara: A very moreish dip, popular in southern Turkey, as well as in Eastern Med; a must for southern Turkish cooking feasts

Baked cauliflower with onion, herb, cheese - Firinda Karnabahar Mucveri : A delicious all in one bake; wonderful as a side or as a vegetarian main; great for prepping ahead too.

Spicy bulgur wheat salad with pomegranate molasses - Kisir: A speciality from my hometown Antakya, we serve this wholesome salad to welcome our guests; with pomegranate seeds over, it is a lovely, festive dish. 

Antakya's Traybake kebab with vegetables - Tepsi Kebabi: Another specialty from my hometown Antakya in southern Turkey; I have fond memories of preparing this kebab mixture with mum and taking to our local bakery in Long Market, Antakya, for this feast to be baked. It is an easy and impressive dish to enjoy with friends and family.

Zesty semolina sponge cake in light syrup - Revani: A zesty, fragrant sponge cake, very popular in Turkish cuisine, since the Ottoman period. A lovely light dessert you can prepare ahead of time.

Turkish coffee: Our aromatic Turkish coffee is the perfect way to end any meal, and it is more than a drink for Turks; Ozlem will show you how to make the real thing, with its rituals.

During the class, Ozlem will also offer ideas for substitutions, tips for ahead of time cooking and freezing, along with stories from her homeland. Turkish cuisine is healthy, delicious and once you give it a go, so easy to make – join Ozlem to guide you through the wonders of Turkish cuisine.

Lunch is included, and you will get to enoy everything you make on the course. No weighing up and more importantly no washing up!

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