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Hari Ghotra

Hari Ghotra is the founder of harighotra.co.uk, an online cookery portal that aims to bring authentic Indian food to the masses with the use of digital media. As well as being an expert Indian cook and teacher, Hari is also a marketing professional, entrepreneur and mother of two.

Born in Wolverhampton to parents who brought with them to the UK their love of Indian food, Hari was brought up in an environment where food played a central role in family life. Her website gives users access to exclusive family recipes, which are brought to life with YouTube videos and live cookery demonstrations using Google Hangouts. Recipes are also shared via Hari’s blog and on social media, where users can interact directly with her.

Hari’s website is a place where everyone, whatever their ability, can learn to cook delicious Indian food. Her ultimate goal is to bring friends and family together to cook, share and enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at home.

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